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Its the amount of views and attention I get on new grounds, rather than deviant art :'] You guys rock. I just wanted you guys who check out my submissions and stuff to know that I really appreciated all your ratings and reviews. It motivates me to work harder and peruse my dream of being a professional animator one day :D LOVE YOU GUYS!


Got Deviantart?

2011-06-19 16:20:22 by XiaoxiaoGOD

Watch me for more animation that arent shown here @ Okio-Yakuza. :D

making a naruto flash...

2011-04-29 19:28:24 by XiaoxiaoGOD

sneekpeek ;] : ab6dce1ad09f1102265709bc097d56

THATS RIGHT PEOPLE! I FINISHED IT! AWEEE YEEEEAHHH!!. unfortunately i still have to clour everything and add backgrounds and all that.. TT^TT But it will be hitting deviant art very soon. Its taken about 4 or 5 weeks so far...Just the opening.... A whole episode woul be... o_o so yeah JOIN ME IN PROJECT PUNK. you dont have to be a good animator or anything. you can give ideas too! but i think i WILL need an actualy team for the episodes. Im gunna need voice actors and everything so if your interested comment or send me a note.

-Okio Yakuza

Be ready, cuz once it comes itll be awesome :P along with the new anime serise which will be featuring Voice rocker as Snow, the main Protagonist. If you wanna find out more youll just have to keep an eye open ;D

Full Punk opening comming soon :D


2010-08-31 15:04:01 by XiaoxiaoGOD

There is still ALOT to be done in my trailer. lols

Almost done my trailer :D

2010-08-24 12:53:18 by XiaoxiaoGOD

just a few more colouring and fixing up. itll be out in no time :D

I need help~~

2010-08-14 22:54:13 by XiaoxiaoGOD

I really wanna start a flash anime serise now since i got my Tablet except i have a problem.. I AM TOTALLY BLANKING ON A STORY LINE >.<!!!

SO. If there is anyone who has an idea, is good at writing or animating, Comment or send me a pm. Any help would be appreciated! vfjfb check it out. i should put it on here too... 81-15-year-old-girl-teresia-cao-missin g-with-a-wanted-man-alexander-gildon-t akacs da/4981-15-year-old-girl-teresia-cao-m issing-with-a-wanted-man-alexander-gil don-takacs